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5 Best Second Careers for Seniors

March 30, 2018 developer Comments

Best Careers for SeniorsRecent studies have shown that more and more Americans are turning to employment in their late years, by will or by circumstance. Some seniors turn to employment when they realize that their savings and pension are not enough to enable them live independently. Others continue working after retirement in order to stay active in the society, pursue a passion or to simply challenge themselves.

Second careers to enable seniors live independently

Below are some of the best careers that will earn you a few more bucks in your senior life hence enable you to live independently.


  • Instructor or teacher


Taking part in education activities can be a good way of utilizing the years of old age. Although teaching requires one to have an undergraduate or postgraduate degree in education, the demand for teachers is high. Therefore, securing a place should not be that difficult. It could be in a college, a university or you old work as a private tutor offering a certain course in particular. Additionally, if you are excellent in a certain language you could be teach it in areas where the language is not well known. You could also become a trainer or a coach for a certain sport clubs.

  • Driver

Seniors can use their spare time to become taxi drivers. All that is required is a car and a driving license. If you enjoy interacting with children, you could choose to become a school bus driver.


  • Blogger


Some people have great passion for writing. The internet provides platforms such as blogging sites that give opportunities to such people to put their passion to use. It is a good way to earn extra income as well as explore ones interests. It may not be the best option but learning how to monetize your blog by choosing a reasonable topic that commands a big audience may help you earn a good income hence live independently.


  • Consultant


The best place to secure a consulting job is your old workplace although you may consider independent contracts from other places.

  • Bartender

This kind of work is not exclusive to young people. Senior adults could consider taking a short course in bartending. In the event that you are tired of sitting in an office, you could consider this as an option of earning extra income in old age.

Most seniors still wish to live independent of their relatives despite their age. This could be achieved by engaging in income generating activities. However, they should not put so much pressure on themselves to the extent of engaging in activities that are risky to their health. The activity that one chooses to engage in should be enjoyable and less stressful.

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