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6 Ways Cycling Can Improve Senior Health

May 4, 2018 developer Comments

Ways Cycling can Improve Senior HealthStaying active regularly makes you look and feel good all the time. There is a number of exercises that seniors can get involved in to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes walking, swimming, yoga, simple stretching, climbing stairs and cycling. Cycling is among the most popular forms of exercise and it has lots of benefits for senior adults whether living at home of in senior apartments. It decreases blood pressure, aids circulation, helps the heart to function properly, increases lung capacity, tones muscles and helps to control body weight.

Cycling benefits for senior citizens at home and senior apartments

There are numerous benefits that come with cycling. Check them below:

Decreases blood pressure

Cycling is an aerobic activity and a healthy choice for a proper functioning circulatory system. It improves cardiovascular health and lowers blood pressure. As one peddles, muscles move up and down, compressing the veins. As a result the heart is well supplied with blood and its muscle becomes well trained. The risk of getting blood vessel disorders is also lowered. Maintaining an upright position while cycling is particularly good for the circulatory system.

Aids in blood circulation

Regular biking helps to keep your blood flowing smoothly in the vessels and increases the rate at which oxygen is distributed in the body. It lowers cholesterol, which can clog your veins or arteries, and restrict blood flow to and from the heart. Restricted blood flow can put you at a risk of getting a stroke, heart attack, arthritis, depression, diabetes and certain types of cancer

Helps the heart to function properly

Cardiovascular diseases are responsible for most senior adult deaths but they can be avoided by staying physically fit. Cycling is the best cardiovascular exercise. It helps to burn excess calories and assists in keeping body weight under control. It is a good way of improving heart health and body fitness. Experts recommend twenty minutes per day of cycling to achieve this target.

Increases lung capacity

Lung capacity is the maximum amount of oxygen your body can use. As heart rate increases during cycling, lungs absorb more oxygen. This allows more oxygenated blood to reach your muscles thus improving lung function.

Tones muscles

Cycling is good for strengthening and toning muscles. As you peddle your muscles are strengthened a great deal. It is effective on muscles around the calves, gluts, hamstrings and quads. It makes your whole body function properly and this helps to keep you strong for your day to day activities.

Controls body weight.

Cycling helps in burning excess fat hence helps one to shed off some weight.

There are still more ways cycling can improve our health. Research has shown that cycling has a great impact on our health, both intermediate and long term. It reduces the chances of respiratory diseases, cardio vascular disease and even cancer. Of course it is not the only way to reduce the risk of these diseases but incorporating it in your lifestyle will be of great help. Many studies show that riding a bicycle has a long term effect on our longevity. As we get older and older, good health becomes our top priority. Cycling helps in maintaining healthy muscles, stronger bones and good health in general. It also helps to alleviate symptoms of arthritis. It has been proven that people who cycle regularly live longer compared to those who do not.

Riding a bike has a great effect on body strength and stamina. Although most people think that one has to be physically fit to ride a bike, the reverse is true. Riding a bike helps you to become physically fit. If you feel that you are a bit unfit, you can start over in flat terrains and on low pace and you will enjoy all other health benefits associated with cycling. A of lot seniors prefer electric bikes which come with built in motors that aid in leg movement. These bikes are useful in mountainous areas and when one is feeling too tired.

Cycling has also been known to promote good mental health. It makes one to feel happy and alleviates symptoms of stress, depression and anxiety. Riding a bike stimulates the brain to produce more levels of hormones like serotonin, dopamine and phenylalanine. These hormones are responsible for making one to feel happier, more calm and alert. Cycling helps with relaxation and confidence. It also improves ones social life when it comes to cycling in groups. Riding a bicycle improves overall mental performance as more oxygen is transported to the brain. Research shows that seniors who participate in cycling show good body fitness as well as having a good attitude towards themselves.

It is a fact that cycling is a fun activity and although seniors love it a lot, it should be approached with a lot of care. A lot of bicycle accidents involving seniors are reported yearly and this raises concern on whether or not they are aware of the cycling safety tips. Therefore, safety tips should be considered every time before cycling is undertaken.

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