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Active Social Life In Senior Living Communities

October 4, 2017 developer Comments

active social lifeThe physical decline of our bodies associated with the aging process can make it difficult to leave the house on a regular basis. This often leads to a declining social life, as well. Having to give up some social activities can cause feelings of isolation, particularly if living alone. An senior living community can provide seniors with everything they need to maintain an active social life long after retirement.

Communal Dining Rooms

Most senior living communities offer a communal dining room for residents to share a meal with one another. The dining room is the easiest ways for new residents to meet their neighbors and start forming relationships. It’s often the place where plans for attending activities later in the day are made!

Senior Living Community Activity Schedules

A senior living community is a little like a college campus in that there always seems to be some sort of activity available. There are dedicated staff members who run the activities and help keep the seniors active and provide opportunities for residents to socialize with others. Your loved one can participate in a variety of group exercise classes from chair yoga to aerobics, board games, card games, bingo, movies, karaoke, and even drama clubs. Many communities will also take residents on field trips to museums, the bank, or the local grocery store.

Opportunities to Form New Friendships

After moving into a senior living community, residents will start to figure out their routine. They’re likely to interact with the same group of residents and staff daily, much like children in schools gravitate toward the same group of friends every day. But, the benefit of a senior living community is there are always opportunities to meet and develop friendships with new people as new residents move in.

Reducing Risks for Isolation

Feeling isolated can cause severe depression. When aging individuals move into a senior living community, they have many opportunities to engage in a socially active lifestyle which reduces the risks for feeling isolated. Staying active also improves senior’s physical wellbeing.

Selecting a Senior Living Community

When it comes time to choose a community for your loved one, prepare a list of questions that are important for you and the senior considering the community. Ask to visit during a meal time so you can experience the dining room in use. Take a look at the kinds of activities the community schedules to make sure there is enough variety in what is offered. It’s worth the extra time it takes to find an appropriate senior living community that can provide the care and socialization opportunities your loved one needs as they move into their golden years… and beyond.

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