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Activities for Men in the Senior Living Community

January 12, 2018 developer Comments

Activities for MenIn most senior living communities, activities seem to be geared toward women. In fact, women outnumber men in senior living communities, so that is understandable. However, men need to have activities that peak their interest as well.

Activities coordinators can take a survey to find out what the interests are in the senior living community, and base the activities on those results.

Some ideas to consider are:

    • Sports events. If there is a local sports team that is within driving distance, arrange a road trip to a game. Or, local schools may have games that you can attend, or take everyone to a park to watch the kids play soccer or football.
    • Play sports or spectate.
      • Golf is a popular game in many retirement communities. Organize a championship event and invite all men in the community, whether they play or are spectators.
      • Tennis is another fun game to play or watch.
      • Bocce ball is a popular sport at retirement communities. Schedule a tournament and have all the men come out and play or watch the fun.


  • Walking. Arrange walking or hiking clubs for men. They can group themselves by fitness level, and socialize with each other while getting some cardiovascular exercise.
  • Technology courses. I think we can all agree that technology is not just a fad, and it is not going away anytime soon. Schedule some classes that will teach residents to use smartphones, create Facebook or Instagram accounts, use email, and go on the internet to shop, read the news, research, or schedule travel.
  • Cooking classes. A lot of senior men do not know how to cook. No judgment, it is just the way things were. As they got older, some men got divorced or become widowers, and cooking is a skill they can use in their daily life. Schedule some cooking classes in the community and invite the men to attend.
  • Coloring books – there are coloring books that are made specifically for men. The themes are fishing, sports, etc. Coloring books are a relaxing hobby, which does not need a specific skill.
  • History club. Everyone has a story. Set up a club for men to discuss their lives – military experience, work achievements, growing up in certain eras, or for those who were born outside of the US to share what their childhood was like back in the old country.


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