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Amazing Activities for Long-distance Grandparents

August 17, 2018 developer Comments

Activities for Long-distance GrandparentsChildren grow very fast and change in a matter of months. Unfortunately, most grandparents live away from their grandchildren. They might not be around to share precious moments with their grandkids or witness them make milestones in life. It is estimated that 40% of all grandparents live over 200 miles from their grandchildren. This can be painful and sad. Nonetheless, there are numerous ways in which seniors can nurture or be a part of their grandchildren’s life despite the distance. Seniors from independent living Fort Worth can still keep an intimate bond with their grandkids through old fashioned means such as letters, mails and so on.

Activity ideas for grandparents in independent living Fort Worth  

Tell them a joke

Children love having fun and making merry. Find a children-friendly rib-cracker that you can email to their parents or tell it to them through a phone or video call.  A good joke every once in a while will have them laughing for days. There is a good chance that they might fire a knee-slapper back at you. This is a tradition that they will live to treasure for a long time.

Send letters

Letters might be old-fashioned but who does not like receiving mail? A hand written letter has a more personal touch and is a rare treat too. You can decorate the letters with photos or sketches and even attach some treats to it. They will love it!

Make up your own traditions

Now that you are not close to your grandkids, you may not have to nurture them conventionally. You can be more innovative and come up with your own traditions. This could be as simple as sending them birthday cards, a Skype video call once a week, flooding their mailbox with cards or telling them a joke every once in a while. Just be unique.

Commemorate their visit

Spending time with your grandkids leaves you with nostalgic memories that you would love to revisit together. You can creatively churn out a cute vacation book with details of all the fun you enjoyed together. Thereafter, you can send it them after they visit you as a keepsake.

Celebrate unbirthday if you can’t visit a birthday party

Your chances of attending you grandkids’ birthday parties are slim if you live away from them. This can be disappointing. However, there might be so many explanations for your absence but you can still celebrate their special day despite your distance. Unbirthday parties are more similar to birthday parties only that they are done on a later date. Organize a reasonable party for them with a birthday banner, gifts and a cake of course. You grandchildren will surely fancy the idea of having two birthdays in a year.

Read a book together

Young minds are meant to learn and explore new things. You can nurture your grandkid into becoming responsible and successful people in future by instilling in them a reading culture at an early age. Make a habit of sending a book to each of your grandkids once in a month. In addition to that, you can also add photos of their favorite pets, places or family photographs. Remember to choose a subject that you love together or whatever you love talking about together. This will make them feel closer to you.

Indeed long distance parenting can be a problem although you can still make it up to them. There is so much intergenerational knowledge that you can impart on each other. Your grandkids will treasure the time you spends together with them. However, the activities above will help to maintain a deep bond with their grandchildren

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