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Are You Sure that Your Home is Safe for Seniors?

June 29, 2018 developer Comments

Safe Home for SeniorsA recent study has revealed that 87% of seniors plan to live independently, in their own homes after retirement. However, one of the biggest hurdles that stands in their way lies in the fact that most houses do not offer the ideal safety conditions for aging seniors. The interior design might be perfect for a younger age but it poses a daily risk of injury as you get older. A simple fall might have a dreadful impact on your health which is not good for independent living Fort Worth or anywhere else in the world. That being the case, you have to take very serious precautions to make it safe in case your priority is to stay in your house after retirement.

Home safety tips for seniors in the independent living Fort Worth and the rest of the world

  1. Take note of potential threats in your house

To ensure that every loose end is fixed, you have to go through every room and take note of anything that might trigger a fall or any sought of accident. Get a friend or family member to assist you and record anything that needs to be changed. 

  1. Have your furniture re-arranged for better accessibility

For maximum safety, you need every path to be as clear as possible. You have to minimize the risk of running over a cabinet or tripping over anything that might make you fall. Arrange the furniture accordingly to make a clear way and get rid of items that crowd your house. Since this might be a daunting task, you can seek a helping hand from a friend or family member. 

  1. Get rid of rugs

Rugs definitely have an adorable visual appeal but they are dangerous to your safety. Their edges or anything hiding underneath them can be a tripping hazard. Hence, you should get rid of the rugs before getting injured or worse. 

  1. Add more lighting

You should concentrate on rooms with stairs or rooms with furniture. The kitchen and bathroom should also be well lit. If you can see your path clearly, you will avoid any hazards and thus reduce the risk of falling or running into things. Stick-on tap lights are safe, affordable, and easy to install, hence will be ideal in this situation. 

  1. Install smart lights or the clapper

With smart lights, you will not have to go for the switch anytime you need to turn the lights on. They can be turned on or off through a phone, a remote control or voice commands.

  1. Fix grab bars and hand rails on your stairs

Stairs can be dangerous if one is not careful. Honestly, you might not be as strong as you were in your youthful days when you age. Descending or ascending a flight of stair might be problematic. To stay safe, install hand rails or grab bars for support.

  1. Install a shower bench or grab bars in your bathroom

Bathrooms are the hot spots for most accidents at home. From hard bathtubs that are difficult to step over to slippery floors, you are most likely to fall without something to hold on. However, you can strategically install a shower bench or grab bars to help you navigate your bathroom safely. 

  1. Buy a medical response system or an alarm

Your loved ones will always be worried about your safety if you chose to live independently. This is because, at old age you are prone to medical conditions that might require emergency services at times. A reliable medical alert system could get you help within minutes in matter of life and death.  

As a senior, you dream of living a happy quality life in your remaining years. Nonetheless, life may not go according to your plans. There are assisted living facilities or independent senior living communities such as Trinity Courtyard which offer fun activities, great amenities, and the chance to socialize with other seniors. Such institutions can reduce your daily responsibilities and also provide safer living conditions. Make your decisions wisely.

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