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Celebrating Mother’s Day in Senior Living Communities: Best Ideas For Presents

May 11, 2018 developer Comments

Gifts for Mother's DayIn most people’s minds, mother’s days is majorly about getting the most expensive gifts for their mothers. However, one might have to think out of the box to get it right for mothers in senior living communities. You will need to think less of materialistic gifts and rather go for practical gift ideas that will be more personal and impressive.

Tips for mother’s day presents for mothers in senior living communities

This could be a nice poem written for them, a day at a spa, amazing cooking lessons or even taking them through an exotic photo shoot. Below is a detailed breakdown of some of the best ideas:

A day at a spa

A member of senior living community is likely to have sparky hair, undone nails or muscle clamps. This is a great opportunity to get your mom to look sassy despite the age. Make her feel more relaxed with her favorite body massage packages or better still surprise her with something new.A spa experience offers a great opportunity to reconnect with people you love.You could choose from massages, acupunctures, mud baths and facials to make the experience more tantalizing for her. Other than relaxing her, spa services have other enormous benefits. They can help increase blood circulation, remove dry skin and even eliminate some effects for arthritis. Most elderly people have limited spa activity options and thereby, you should be keen to choose from pain management and stress relief options. Alternatively, you could just impress her with less intense pedicure and manicure. The experience needs to be relaxing and pampering. To complement the atmosphere, on your way to the spa you can say her nice poem, read her ‘love you mom’ notes or sing her favorite song. For mothers who like karaoke this could be the best moment to get her singing to her favorite tunes.

Painting class

Colors are fascinating and have a calming effect on whoever interacts with them. This is why attending a painting class with your mother could be a great way to spend mother’s day with her.

Cooking class

Moms’ magic is best expressed through cooking. There is such a great desire in them to be learn and make the greatest meals for their families with new cooking skills. For mothers in senior living communities, their cooking skills may be fading off but can be revitalized in a day full of cooking memories. Therefore, treating them to a great cooking experience can be the most adorable gift of the day. Think of her favorite dish that she likes to cook on her own or some interesting recipes that she would be yearning to try out. You can choose a cooking class in a nearby restaurant or even short online cooking guides. There are many cooking lessons on the internet with step by step video guide for cooking specific foods. A cooking lesson will reacquaint her with the kitchen, reassemble her great cooking skills and maintain her cognition which might have started to dwindle away. If done at home, you will have a great opportunity to re-bond with her which will improve your relationship.

Visit to a park

For mothers in senior living communities, a nature walk in the park could be a very refreshing experience. Mothers’ day month is normally warm hence appropriate to take her on a leisurely walk, taking photos or just sitting in the sun to enjoy the view. Make the experience sort of a picnic where you can carry a mat and picnic table or tablecloth so you can comfortably sit outside and enjoy some family time. Remember to carry her favorite food and beverages. Similarly, be ardent to make it well organized and less strenuous for her. Nature walks not only provide an opportunity to mingle with the world but also have many other health benefits such as improving breathing and blood circulation. For mothers who like gardening, this could be a great opportunity for them to see fascinating gardens around the park, smell the flowers and look around all trees species. If appropriate, buy her some live flower or trees, and make her an amazing garden with simple containers or pots. This should be very exciting especially for artistic mothers.

A day at a museum

Most elderly people have great treasure for the country’s history. The seniors living in independent living communities are not any different. Taking her to see some of those artifacts she has always told you about might just melt her heart. She will be happy to know that you share in the heritage of the country like she does. Take her with your children because she will surely need someone to narrate to how the history came to be. The experience is worth saving on a picture, so carry a superb camera, and complemented it with a family photo-shoot.

All in all, the best gift that is definitely going to blow her mind is to spend some quality time with her. You can draw your ideas from the list above.

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