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Five things that get better as you get older

October 23, 2017 developer Comments

senior living

We learn a lot over the course of a lifetime. As we get older, in our independent living facilities, many things get better, and are meant for us to enjoy! Take a look at the list below, and come up with your own!


  • As we go through life, and experience life’s many ups and downs, we pick up knowledge, which can enrich our lives and also help us to pass on our wisdom to our children and grandchildren. At some point you realize external things don’t bring happiness. Spirituality grows, and petty concerns do not deserve your attention.


  • Whether we have had an extensive formal education or not, one of the things which gets better as we get older is our vocabulary. Most of us love to read, and this is a wonderful way to add new words to our repertoire.  Doing crossword puzzles is another great way to make good use of our extensive vocabulary and to keep our minds sharp.


  • Everyone makes mistakes. What is important is to use past mistakes as a learning experience; not to dwell on what we did wrong, but to allow our insight and life experience to help make the right decisions for ourselves. As we age, we have the benefit of a calmer, wiser inner voice to guide us, and have less emotional reactions which may cause rash decisions.


  • We are less easily fooled as we get older.  We see people for who they are, we are better at discriminating genuine friendship, and we have no patience for superficial relationships. As we walk through the neighborhood, we know when to stop and chat with a friend, and when to smile politely and keep walking. We appreciate the true value of those who surround us and spend time with those who are genuine and kind.

Speak your mind

  • When we were younger, we tried to fit into a mold that society created, and were taught not to “rock the boat” by disagreeing with anyone. Over the years, we learn who we are, and to respect our own opinions. We no longer focus our energy on pleasing others; we don’t have to verbally agree when we mentally disagree. We have earned the right to speak our mind (in a polite and respectful tone) whether it is to express our views on politics, nutrition, our faith, or any other topic. You are who you are, and you own it!

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