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Independent senior living: Seniors’ online life

November 29, 2017 developer Comments

independent senior livingTechnology is all around us. Whereas years ago, new technology was mostly for the younger generation, now almost everyone spends a lot of time on the internet, regardless of age. Technology has also become very user-friendly over the last few years, as well as affordable and accessible.

There are dozens of ways to enrich your life using the internet. Here are a few:

 ➡ Email.

Although some may bemoan the lost art of letter-writing, you can’t deny the convenience of sending an email, knowing that it reaches its destination within seconds, and the joy of getting an immediate response. Email is a fun and fast way to communicate with family and friends or to take care of administrative tasks in the household. You don’t even need your own computer to be able to send or receive email – use the computer in your community’s recreation room, or public library, or download the email app to your smartphone or tablet.

 ➡ Social Media.

What better way to stay in touch with old friends, family members in different states or new friends? Social media, such as Facebook or Instagram, allow you to share pictures and experiences, learn new recipes, or get the latest gossip on your favorite reality show.

 ➡ Research your next vacation.

Everything you want to know about your next trip is a search away. You can easily find out about the weather, local customs, cuisine, dress code, and things to do before you leave home.

 ➡ Exercise.

Thanks to YouTube and other instructional videos, you can do yoga in the comfort of your own living room. The same applies to total body workouts, calisthenics, or strength training. You just need to be willing!

 ➡ Find recipes.

Almost any recipe imaginable is online! All you have to do is search for the name of the recipe, or even for some of its ingredients, and you get an instant result page with dozens of recipes.

 ➡ Shop.

There are thousands of online stores, and most offer promotional discounts and free shipping. Whether you are shopping for groceries, clothes, books or the grandkids’ birthday gifts, the internet makes it possible to shop without ever leaving the house.

 ➡ Watch movies.

Thanks to Netflix, Hulu and the like, practically any movie or television show, old or new is now at your fingertips.

 ➡ How to do anything.

What do you want to learn? To take care of that delicate orchid you received on your last birthday? To get your old silver bracelet to shine again? To crochet? You can learn how to do all these things and more online.

Thanks to the internet, our lives have become easier, more entertaining and more exciting. Enjoy it all!


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