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Is It Time to Visit an Ophthalmologist?

August 10, 2018 developer Comments

Vision Problems with Senior PeopleThey say prevention is better than cure. Preventing blindness or poor vision at an old age requires early detection of eye problems. Eye problems could lead to total blindness if not treated in time. Poor sight or total blindness can be disastrous among the aged, since it can lead to accidents among other problems. This could disrupt the quality of life for the elderly and senior living Fort Worth Texas. It is therefore imperative for you as a senior to be on the lookout for early signs of eye problems and seek help from eye specialists such as an ophthalmologist in time. Appropriate and timely action after detecting sudden symptoms such as acute glaucoma or detached retina can save your vision.  

Warning signs of vision problems all residents of senior living Fort Worth Texas should know about

If you have any of these symptoms then it’s time to visit an ophthalmologist:

1. Sudden single eye vision blur

This symptom is linked to exudative macular degeneration which is predominant among people aged 60 years and above. Single eye vision blur is triggered by a damaged macular, which is responsible for focusing in the eye. Early diagnosis can help to prevent vision loss.

2. Sudden eye pain, redness and nausea

Sudden eye pain, redness and nausea point towards narrow-angle glaucoma. The condition is serious, and can lead to optic nerve damage then vision loss in the end but it is treatable if detected in time.

3. Surface pain, tearing, or irritation

The dry eye syndrome manifests itself in the form of these three symptoms. The condition can be sight threatening if not treated in time and is annoying too. Due to change in tear production the dry eye syndrome may be severe among older people. The condition is mostly associated with smoking and other unhealthy habits.

4. Spots and floaters in the field of vision

Age related vitreous detachment appears in the form of spots and floaters in the field of vision. In basic terms, vitreous detachment is the separation or loosening of the gel-like structure inside of the eye from the retina. The condition may not be an indication of anything serious although it is associated with detachment of the retina. It can be rectified through a surgery.

5. Gradual vision loss, distorted vision

Gradual vision loss results from age related macular degeneration. The eye disease causes distortion of vision and blurring. Some types of age related macular degeneration can be treated.  

6. Double vision

This is a vital symptom that should not be given a cold shoulder. One gets double vision when he or she looks in a particular direction. The problem could emanate from within the eye itself or other parts that control eye movements such as the brain, muscles or the nerves. You should seek medical attention immediately if you experience the symptom.

7. Narrowing of vision field

For this symptom, one is only able to see whatever is directly in front of them. A narrowed vision field is associated with glaucoma or an impending stroke. You should seek the attention of an eye doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

The earlier the symptoms and eye diseases are detected or diagnosed the better the chances of getting them treated and evading vision loss. Living without proper vision can be devastating. This is why taking care of your eyes is important.  Maintaining a healthy lifestyle as well as good nutrition will help to protect your eyes as you get older.

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