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It’s Never Too Late to Make Friends

April 6, 2018 developer Comments

Making People when SeniorsSeniors often find themselves living in lonely places as their friends and family may have passed away or may be living far away from them. Though making new friends may be overwhelming especially when one is an adult, friends are a substantial part of life. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on which is no different at an older age.

How to make new friends during senior living

There are many ways of making friends as a senior. However, it is almost impossible to make friends by staying all alone. One has to get involved with others whether they stay alone or in a living centre for the elderly. This can be achieved by keeping in touch with what goes on in the community. The following are some of the things that you can do to land new friends:

  1. Join clubs or groups

Joining clubs, groups or a local church are just some of the activities to take part in the community. These groups gather likeminded people and you might find yourself easily getting along with them

2. Be open to know be people and be known

Getting to know people and allowing them to know you is the next step in making friends. After meeting new people, one should be open enough about their interests, who they are, how they feel and their views about life. It is important to share ones experiences as this makes people understand you as an individual.

3. Be yourself

It important to always be yourself around new people.  Listening while others speak and showing your true character to them will help in understanding them better and probably figure out the best way to relate with them

4. Focus on building friendship

After finding an individual or two with whom you can relate with, you should put in a lot of their time and energy into building friendships with them. This includes making phone calls occasionally and inviting them for lunch or family gatherings. You could also invite them to your place just to have a casual conversation. Accepting their invitations will also help build the friendships.

5. Be open-minded

While dealing with new people, open mindedness is an important aspect. One should refrain from being judgmental or taking sides on certain topics depending on how they are presented.

6. Try online platforms

Friendships could also be made online. However, you should be very keen while doing this. Online platforms offer sites for making new friends and one could take advantage of any of these. You could opt to catch on old friends as well.

Friendships have positive effects on social, emotional and physical well being of an individual. This can help in improving the health of the elderly hence making senior living more lively and enjoyable. Friendships should not just be casual. Maintaining a few close friends is much important as they help in relieving stress and depression.

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