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Living at Home vs. Independent Senior Living

May 25, 2018 developer Comments

Living at Home vs. Independent Senior LivingAfter retirement most seniors living in Fort Worth Texas find themselves at crossroads with regards to whether they should live in their homes or move to independent or retirement living communities. This tends to be a hard decision since it may imply that one has to staying away from their home, family or friends. However, the following is an in-depth analysis of benefits of staying at home verses choosing independent living communities that might make your decision making a lot easier.

Choosing between living home and independent communities for seniors living in Fort Worth Texas

Social life

Retirement comes when your children have moved on with their lives, making it hard to keep continued family contact. However, an independent living community is designed to accommodate many aged people with common social problems. The facilities offer different housing solutions for everyone. Additionally, there is no constant monitoring thereby giving seniors the freedom to interact and socialize with their new friends. Each housing option has a range of amenities from spa services, internet connection, transportation, medical services among others. In addition to having a great range of services, you get to make your own independent decision as far as your social life is concerned. Think of all social events you would wish to attend, setting up your own schedule and so on. However, we are made different and we all have different preferences. Some seniors would love to cook their own food, stay with their family and maintain their old friends. For this reason, staying at your home might be ideal.


For seniors in Fort Worth Texas growing old comes with inability to move yourself around yet that’s when you need to travel walk around the most. After retirement it’s time to explore and indulge, which requires a lot of moving in and out. This is a very big challenge for those opting to stay at home. This is because most seniors want to stay independent not bothering their children with frequent calls for a road trip or a walk. However, independent living communities offer solutions to the transportation problem all too well. The facilities offer free regular transport to various events around the city. Club members utilize this opportunity to explore their desired destinations. For those interested in exotic traveling around the country and even abroad, just need to make arrangements with the management. No hustle involved in this transportation since it’s all included in the room charges.


At the age of retirement you are the least able person to take care of your house. Speak of laundry, maintaining the lawn or even cleaning the pool, yet you need them done! For seniors living Fort Worth Texas independent communities all this is catered for. It thereby, eliminates the pressure that comes with owing a house. You don’t need to know when and what need to be done. The community staff anticipates for such problems long before they get to your attention. Unlike living at home, independent living communities offer both indoor and, outdoor cleaning services. They also handle furnishing and take care of common grounds outside every house. Therefore, as soon as you join the community it’s no longer your responsibility to shovel the driveway, lawn mowing, fix broken water pipes or even cleaning the pool. On the other hand, you need to be active in order to stay healthy. Such chores help you to remain active which is not only good for your health but also right for your mental health. Nevertheless, it all narrows down to your health condition and preference at the end of the day.


Healthy eating is a very crucial aspect at retirement for every senior. However, in a home setting it might be too strenuous to get the necessary foods right on time. Conversely, seniors living in an independent living community find it just easy to get the food they want. The community staffs and management are aware of seniors’ nutritional commitments. Therefore they work hard to provide the appropriate foods. There is a great variety of foods offered at independent living communities which are unavailable in a home setting.

Emergency situations

Many people at retirement age face frequent medical emergencies. Therefore, it is very crucial to have emergency medical services readily available at all times. This can be very problematic for seniors living at home especially if their state health wise is delicate. However, in an independent living community there are nurses who make weekly checkups and respond to any distress calls from community members. Many independent living communities offer readily available ambulance services with additional first aid services. There are many safety measures undertaken by the community management and staff to avoid emergency situations.

Other activities

Most independent living community offer a wide range of services to accommodate any senior living in Fort Worth Texas. There are members interested in pursuing various courses, body fitness or even spiritual counselling. Most communities will have a quiet and conducive reading area, wellness and, exercise centers as well as religious centers. There are many workshops and classes teaching different courses such as cooking, foreign languages, panting first aid among others. Moreover, there are a range of games ranging from soccer to less strenuous ones and computer games. Nevertheless, in the event that you want to pursue your own dreams at this age such as earning some extra cash to cushion your expenses then living at home would be a better option.

All in all, every senior has his or her own requirements and one has to do some in depth analysis before making the decision of either living at home or moving to independent living communities. The points above can be used as a guideline in doing this.

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