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New Technologies that Can Make Senior People’s Life Easier

March 23, 2018 developer Comments

New Technologies for SeniorsWith improvement in technology almost in every aspect, it’s high time you found one of the gadgets that will improve your independent living as a senior person. Technology is known to make work easier. However, only a few senior-friendly gadgets stand tall in making this a reality to independent living seniors. Check through to see what you will need to buy for your aged parent or for yourself.


Good sleep goes a long way in reducing stress, improving brain function among other advantages. Beddit is a bed sensor that measures one’s sleep parameters to ensure nothing wrong happens when you are out dreaming. It measures the sleep quality, sleep cycles and patterns, and used to increase night rest. The gadget goes a long way in helping independent living insomniac seniors.


Short-term memory loss could be devastating. It leads to loss of essentials such as keys, remote controllers and even wallets. The TrackerR has microchips, which you can attach to anything you do not want to lose. Therefore, you are assured of no time wastage looking for lost keys or people.


It’s typical for seniors to sometimes forget or skip drugs. However, some medications require a very strict schedule. This applies especially to independent living seniors. The MedWatcher helps put a well elaborated schedule on the drugs to be taken and time remaining. This technology can be shared among different users to also remind each other and chat about medication. It also provides an easier way to track treatment and medical progress through reminders and compliance scores.

Red Panic Button

For independent living seniors, this is an essential technology to own. The device has a red button you push to notify someone of a situation such as falls. The gadget sends a message using GPS to indicate your location. The message is sent to the nearest emergency facility or medical contact.  

Well Being plus

This is pretty much like the MedWatcher although it has diversified reminders such as; lunch, appointments and medicines. The program is designed specifically for the old hence it’s effective and easy to use.

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