Are You Sure that Your Home is Safe for Seniors?

June 29, 2018 developer Comments

A recent study has revealed that 87% of seniors plan to live independently, in their own homes after retirement. However, one of the biggest hurdles that stands in their way lies in the fact that most houses do not offer the ideal safety conditions for aging seniors. The interior design might be perfect for a Read more

Best Activities to Celebrate Father’s Day

June 8, 2018 developer Comments

Father’s day is celebrated yearly, usually on the third Sunday of June. On this day, many people make an effort to show love and respect to their fathers. How you celebrate this day depends on your beliefs, culture and your relationship with your father. In independent senior living communities, the care giving staff is usually Read more

Living at Home vs. Independent Senior Living

May 25, 2018 developer Comments

After retirement most seniors living in Fort Worth Texas find themselves at crossroads with regards to whether they should live in their homes or move to independent or retirement living communities. This tends to be a hard decision since it may imply that one has to staying away from their home, family or friends. However, Read more

The Importance of Planning for Retirement

May 18, 2018 developer Comments

Life is a fantastic journey where there are renewed chances of conditions getting better each new day. This is why we all need to make plans on how to achieve certain goals whose attainment will mean better lives. Most seniors living Fort Worth Texas dream of a peaceful and enjoyable retirement, but to many the Read more

Celebrating Mother’s Day in Senior Living Communities: Best Ideas For Presents

May 11, 2018 developer Comments

In most people’s minds, mother’s days is majorly about getting the most expensive gifts for their mothers. However, one might have to think out of the box to get it right for mothers in senior living communities. You will need to think less of materialistic gifts and rather go for practical gift ideas that will Read more

6 Ways Cycling Can Improve Senior Health

May 4, 2018 developer Comments

Staying active regularly makes you look and feel good all the time. There is a number of exercises that seniors can get involved in to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes walking, swimming, yoga, simple stretching, climbing stairs and cycling. Cycling is among the most popular forms of exercise and it has lots of benefits Read more

Most Essential Questions about Elderly Hearing Loss

April 27, 2018 developer Comments

Hearing loss is a common condition that is mostly predominant among the elderly. Moreover, it is among the major factors that affects independent senior living among the elderly. Without proper hearing one cannot be totally independent. Below are some of the most essential questions regarding hearing loss among the elderly. What is hearing loss? Hearing Read more

How Seniors Can Survive an Allergy Season

April 20, 2018 developer Comments

As the body ages, the immune system becomes weaker. This means that your body is more prone to a number of health complications including allergies. Some seasons tend to come with a lot of such problems. Spring for instance comes with a lot of dust, pollen among other allergens. It is during such seasons that Read more

Skin Care Tips for Seniors This Spring

April 13, 2018 developer Comments

Every seasons comes with different conditions and you should be prepared if you mind about your skin, completion and beauty. This is particularly important for the members of the senior community who happen to have a sensitive and delicate skin. Spring is the time to change your skin care as a senior and below is Read more

It’s Never Too Late to Make Friends

April 6, 2018 developer Comments

Seniors often find themselves living in lonely places as their friends and family may have passed away or may be living far away from them. Though making new friends may be overwhelming especially when one is an adult, friends are a substantial part of life. Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on which is no Read more