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Skin Care Tips for Seniors This Spring

April 13, 2018 developer Comments

Skin Care Tips for Seniors Every seasons comes with different conditions and you should be prepared if you mind about your skin, completion and beauty. This is particularly important for the members of the senior community who happen to have a sensitive and delicate skin. Spring is the time to change your skin care as a senior and below is a list of tips to get you ready for the season.

Remove old layers of skin with exfoliation

As you age your skin becomes less elastic, drier and rough in texture.  This is because, as you age, the top layer of your skin becomes thicker and is mostly composed of dead skin cells. During winter, your skin becomes dry. Snow and rain often lead to a long-term build up of dead skin cells. Exfoliation will help you to get rid of the dead skin cells and renew your skin cells. This in turn helps your skin to appear younger. However, you should avoid exfoliating frequently since your skin might be a little more sensitive. This could  also get rid of the skin’s natural oils.

Hydration is important for skin health

With a rise in temperatures expected during the spring, you have to ensure that you are hydrated. Spring weather is warmer and more humid. These conditions are likely to cause dry skin which could lead to all forms of discomfort. Hydration is very important for your skin because it makes it more resilient and plump. If your skin is more hydrated then it will look healthier and will be less prone to wrinkles.  Remember that you need to look beautiful by focusing on your complexion and it starts with your skin. Moreover, hydration will protect your skin from UV radiation and infection causing microorganisms. Drinking lots of liquids, fruits, vegetables and healthy fats will leave your body hydrated naturally.

Apply sunscreen

Now that spring is here, people will be spend more time outdoors which not a bad idea. Unfortunately, seniors are not so safe in the sun. They are prone to the dangers of sun exposure such as skin cancer, sunburn, age spots and wrinkles. The skin becomes thin and a lot more delicate as one ages. This is where sunscreen comes in. Seniors have to ensure that they apply sunscreen on all skin surfaces likely to be exposed before stepping into the sun.

Keep the makeup light and natural

The sun is quite prominent during spring. This means that your make up should not be that thick since it will leave you sweaty and uncomfortably. Keep your make up light and natural.

As a senior you have to realize that your skin is a lot more different compared to when you were in your 30s. Now that you know what you need for spring, ensure that your skin is well taken care of.

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