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The Benefits of Swimming for Senior People

August 24, 2018 developer Comments

Benefits of Swimming for Senior PeopleSwimming provides numerous health benefits besides being one of the most excellent sports activities. The best thing about swimming is that it has minimal impact on joints compared to other forms of exercise. This makes it a perfect way of exercise for seniors in retirement communities Fort Worth as well as other senior living facilities around the world.  

Benefits of swimming for senior people in retirement communities Fort Worth

Easy on Joints

Joints tend to become stiff and weak as one gets older. This can cause pain and discomfort while moving around or exercise. However, swimming is soft on the joints. While out of water exercises might exert more pressure on the joints, taking a dip in the pool eliminates this discomfort. It is suitable for seniors with arthritis.

Heart Health

Swimming is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise. Exercising makes the heart to beat fast. This is good for blood circulation. It reduces the risk of heart attack and also lowers blood pressure. A good heart culminates into a healthier life.

Muscle Strength

Exercising is good for muscle strength. As age draws in, the body loses muscle mass. Swimming is less strenuous. It works out all the muscles in the body at once, and thus increases muscle mass in addition to keeping the muscles firm and healthy. You can incorporate different strokes to target particular areas such as leg muscles.  

Mental Health

Stress, depression, and anxiety are rampant among the elderly. This is attributed to the different changes that they undergo after retirement and having to adopt a new lifestyle. Nonetheless, exercising stimulates the production of hormones that are responsible for happiness. It also keeps the mind active and makes it sharp. This promotes a healthy life and general well being. Swimming at community pools provides an opportunity for socializing, which is good for mental health.

Reduces Risk of Falling

Swimming strengthens the joints and increases muscle mass. Water aerobics also make the bones stronger. This is good for balance and mobility. Balance and proper mobility reduce the risk of falls as well as other accidents among senior people. Swimming also promotes posture.

Increases Flexibility

A dip in the pool increases flexibility. Stiff muscles and stiff joints reduce flexibility for older people. It becomes hard for them to reach for a cup of coffee or get an item on the floor. To stay nimble and agile, seniors should go swimming more often.  

Opportunity to Socialize With Other Residents

Another vital aspect of senior living is socializing. Seniors often find themselves lonely or isolated. It might be difficult for them to make friends as well. However, they can make friends or find someone to talk by engaging in swimming sessions, especially at public or senior community pools. Socializing helps to relieve stress, which is right for mental health.   

With the numerous benefits that can be enjoyed by swimming, seniors should try out swimming more often. It is soft on the joints and less strenuous. It is an excellent form of exercise that improves the quality of life and overall health. Retirees can join retirement communities in Fort Worth, Texas for a sizzling swimming experience with state of the art swimming pools under professional management.

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