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Tips for Seniors to Manage the Loss of Taste

August 31, 2018 developer Comments

Seniors to Manage the Loss of TasteLosing the sense of taste culminates to loss in appetite for most seniors. This subsequently leads to poor nutrition, weight loss and weak immunity. Insufficient nutritional supply to the body due to lack of appetite can make senior life terrible with frequent visits to the hospital. However, by incorporating a few flavors and eating techniques, seniors can overcome loss of taste and enjoy their meals. Below is a detailed breakdown of tips on how to manage loss of taste for the elderly in senior apartments Fort Worth and beyond.

Tips to help overcome loss of taste for the elderly in senior apartments Fort Worth

1. Make a meal a social event

A diminished sense of taste can result in loss of appetite among the elderly. It makes it harder for seniors to enjoy food on their own. However, eating in the company of other people can be motivating and fun as well. Therefore, seniors with loss of taste should dine with other people more often or invite fined or family to share their meals. This way they will eat more and get all the nutrients they require to stay healthy.

2.  Look at the food temperature

Food is much more enjoyable when served and eaten while hot with the exception of some drinks, vegetables and fruits that are served cold. Thus, every food should be eaten at its ideal temperature.

3.  Use extra or different spices and herbs

Herbs and spices add more flavor to food making it tasty. There are numerous herbs and spices that seniors can use to liven up every dish. Additionally, cooked vegetables such as carrots and seeds can be added to make food more delicious. Delicious smelling food can motive seniors to eat more even when they have loss of taste.

4.  Try a new dish

Breaking the monotony in terms of what is eaten on a daily basis can stimulate appetite for seniors with loss of taste. For food to be enjoyed it is not all about being hungry. It depends on the visual appeal, aroma and most importantly the taste. Hence, trying out a new dish can entice them into eating more.  

5.  Savor the meal

There are so many other aspects that can be enjoyed from a meal besides the taste. Seniors with a diminished sense of taste can enjoy the texture of a dish. Since people feel hungry at certain times of the day, the elderly with this disorder should make the most of this by eating enough food to cater for their nutritional needs.  


Unfortunately, there is no treatment for age related loss of taste. The disorder occurs naturally and can be relieved through incorporating some of the eating habits above. Experimenting with different dishes or flavors, eating with other people and working with a physician are some of the tips that seniors can use to safeguard their well being.

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