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Top Tooth Care Tips for Senior Citizens

July 6, 2018 developer Comments

Tooth Care Tips for SeniorsHealth and overall well being should be your top priority as you get older. Oral health is no different although most seniors living in retirement apartments Fort Worth and all over the world tend to give it a cold shoulder. The truth is that your teeth succumb to wear and tear as you age. The same applies to your gums. In real sense, you ought to be a lot more attentive to your dental health by ensuring that your teeth are clean and your gums remain healthy.

Tips for proper dental care for seniors in retirement apartments Fort Worth

Choose the right brush and tooth paste

Switch to a toothpaste with fluoride or use an antibacterial mouthwash. This will help to minimize the buildup of plaque and infection causing bacteria. Remember to use the right tooth brush to get rid of all food particles stuck in your teeth. Also avoid bruising your gums.

Brush gently and often

Your teeth as well as gums become more prone to wear and tear as you age. This means that you should be a lot more tender and thorough while taking care of your oral health. Most dentists recommend brushing twice a day for about two minutes per session.  Remember not to brush too hard since it would destroy your teeth enamel, leading to worse dental problems.

Visit a dentist regularly

Dentists are qualified specialists with vast knowledge in oral health. Most seniors are likely to face dental problems as they age. It is important to go for a dental check up every once in a while. Some dental problems such as over brushing or periodontal disease may be hard to notice until it is too late.

Remember to floss daily

Most people keep forgetting to floss although is a very simple habit. Flossing is quite effective in oral cleaning. It can get rid of all bacteria, debris and food particles from the mouth in less than a minute. Make flossing a daily routine for the best dental health.

Keep your removable dentures clean

In case you wear a removable denture, ensure that it is cleaned on a daily basis. Unclean dentures harbor bacteria that can lead to gum disease.  Keeping your dentures clean will ensure that your gums remain healthy and thus protect you from the periodontal disease.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration is a common problem among all seniors. Saliva helps to rebuild enamel and kill bacteria in the mouth. Dehydration leads to dry mouth, reducing the content of saliva thus exposing the mouth to infections. Increasing water intake can help you to stay hydrated.

Common dental problems for seniors

  • Bad Breath Seniors- bad breath is associated with dry mouth
  • Gum Disease – gum disease is linked to several conditions including heart disease. Missing teeth can also contribute to gum disease.
  • Dry Mouth–Dry mouth can be a result of medication that causes dehydration. Saliva acts a natural defense system within the mouth. Without sufficient saliva, the mouth is susceptible to tooth decay and cavities.  
  • Tooth Loss – Tooth loss is linked to natural wear and tear due to age or genetics.

  • Cavities – cavities are mainly brought about by foods with high sugar content.

  • Tooth Discoloration – The enamel wears out as one ages. Without the enamel, the teeth are at risk of discoloration. This is why teeth discoloration is more predominant in senior years.  

Dental care becomes more vital as one gets older. Maintaining you oral health is not that demanding but it is simply about being thorough, and cleaning regularly. Nonetheless, you should always keep in touch with a dental care professional for better oral care tips. Go for dentals checkups regularly.

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